Ogi Bogi The Elephant Yogi, Stories about yoga for children

By Elizabeth Gibbs, M.A., C-IAYT


Ogi Bogi, The Elephant Yogi is a series of stories about yoga for elementary school children that they can use on their own. The stories feature seven children with personal concerns ranging from asthma to body image issues, inter-personal skills, academic stress and how to do yoga in a wheelchair. They arrive in Innerville to seek help from Ogi Bogi, the Elephant Yogi.


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"While most yoga books for children focus on basic exercise routines in the form of animals or other symbolic shapes, they don’t deal with the most important questions of personality and values development which are at the heart of yoga. While the yoga positions are practices to support this foundational work, beth’s book, along with the companion manual, gives practical tools for children to learn the real value of yoga."
Joseph le Page
Founder and Director, integrative Yoga therapy

The author is available for book signings, demonstrations & workshops.

Release, Relax and Let Go

By Elizabeth Gibbs, M.A., C-IAYT

This MP3 offers you three guided relaxations for body, breath and mind designed to help you increase feelings of well-being, experience positive changes in your sleep patterns, enhance your creativity and manage your stress levels. Track 1, the introduction and instructions for the practice, can be downloaded for FREE!

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D. R. - "You're really good at this stuff - - - a great instructor - - - AND the practice is wonderful, so progressive - - - your voice - - - soothing!!!"

M. H. - "Love the Q&A format at the beginning; Brilliant idea . . . helps me prepare to listen and is an excellent way to help the listener grasp the info that's coming. Enjoyed track 2 (twice!). Glad you said it's "no problem" if I fall asleep, because . . . ☺. And thank you for making the practices differ in length. You know I always fussed that the usual relaxation tapes were 30-45 minutes. Your diction and pace are perfect; also love how the music fades in gently. And the chimes are, well, charming!"

C. P. - "Release, Relax, and Let Go offers Yoga Nidra practices that are suitable for all levels. The introductory talk on Yoga Nidra explains the practice and answers the most commonly asked questions in an easy to understand format. With three separate practices to fit our busy schedules, Beth's clear, concise instructions invite each one of us to explore the depths of relaxation in a safe, supportive way while her voice creates a beautiful space for experiencing the restorative benefits of deep relaxation."

F. L. - "I will always thank you and invoke your calm and steady presence during Nidra - Thank you!"

Album Notes

Yoga Nidra is a nine-step technique of working with the body, breath and mind to bring about a relaxed state of awareness. The practice is based on a centuries old technique that was modernized in 1941 by Satyananda Saraswati from the Bihar School of Yoga in India. The practice works by gradually turning your attention from external distractions like noise, to awareness of your internal landscape where you give yourself instructions for desired changes that you want to incorporate into your life. If you fall asleep during any of the practices you will experience a deep refreshing healthful rest.