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Ogi Bogi, the Elephant Yogiteaches children how to apply yoga exercises to real life situations and provides adults effective strategies to enhance the self-management skills of children in their care. It is available in print and audio format.

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Release, Relax and Let Go

This MP3 offers you three guided relaxations for body, breath and mind designed to help you increase feelings of well-being, experience positive changes in your sleep patterns, enhance your creativity and manage your stress levels. Track 1, can be downloaded for FREE!

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Welcome to ProYoga Therapeutics


ProYoga Therapeutics was founded to introduce the mind/body benefits of yoga to mainstream audiences. The careful selection and modification of yoga postures, breathing, guided relaxation and meditation practices are designed to meet the therapeutic needs of groups and individuals of all ages and conditions.

The practice of yoga promotes optimal health and provides an effective complimentary modality to traditional treatment for stress related illnesses and conditions.

The ultimate goal of ProYoga Therapeutics is to empower groups and individuals to manage their progress toward optimal health through the selection, modification and practice of appropriate therapeutic yoga programs. Recommended programs and practices focus on the health and wellness of the individual at all levels - physical, psychological and spiritual.

Move Better – Breathe Better – Feel Better

ProYoga Therapeutics offers therapeutic yoga classes, private sessions and workshops. We recognize that the healing journey is unique to each individual and will select, adopt and modify practices appropriately for the individual or group depending upon age, physical condition, ability and need. Click here to contact us for more information.