TYPE 2 DIABETES Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with the disease, and many more are unaware they are at high risk. Type 2 diabetes is more common in African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, and the elderly. Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes often face other related health issues such as obesity, heart disease and stroke. For more information go to: www.diabetes.org

A Yoga Solution to Energize the Body

• All postures and exercises are best done on an empty stomach and in loose comfortable clothing.

• Upbeat music may help to energize you while you practice

• If you can, do the Down Dog Flow with Support 2-3 times a day -– first thing in the morning and again before lunch and supper. Consistency will help you build healthy habits!

Type 2 Diabetes

Down Dog Flow with Support
Lunge Pose
To begin the flow start with Lunge Pose: Choose a support that gives you comfort and flexibility. Wear shoes with non-slip soles or stand on a yoga mat for a firm non-slippery surface. In general a counter or table height will be easier to work with and a chair, being lower, the most intense. If you choose a chair place it against a support or with all four legs on a yoga mat for stability. Then stand in front of your support and inhale. Exhale as you bend forward and place your hands on your support. Inhale and step your right foot back into Lunge Pose.

Down Dog Step Down Dog Step: Exhale and step your left foot back to meet your right. Try to get as close as you can to a 90 degree angle so that you feel a strong stretch along your back and spine. Bending your knees and pressing your buttocks away from your shoulders will increase the stretch. Breathe slowly and deeply as you settle into Down Dog. Hold and stretch as strongly as you can for 3 - 9 breaths.
Standing Plank Standing Plank: Inhale as you bring your whole body forward into Standing Plank. Come up on your toes if you can or keep your feet flat on the floor. If you can, bend your elbows and lower yourself a little further into a modified Push Up. Hold for 3 -– 9 breaths. Press back into Down Dog. Repeat Down Dog and Standing Plank for as many rounds as you comfortably can. Choose whether to hold each pose to for 3 - 9 breaths to maximize the stretch or move between Down Dog and Standing Plank with each breath to work up heat and energy
Standing Twist
To Complete the Flow – Do the Standing Twist. From Down Dog, step your right foot forward and then your left. Stand tall. Extend your arms to shoulder height, bend at the elbows and place one hand on top of the other. Inhale. Exhale and twist to the left as far as you can go. Inhale to the center. Exhale and twist to the other side. Repeat slowly for a total of 3 times to each side.
Option for comfort and ease in Down Dog Flow with Support

• If you need a snack to keep your blood sugar within normal limits, drink a small glass of fruit juice before practicing yoga.
• If you suffer from retinal disease keep your head up or in line with your arms in Down Dog
• If peripheral neuropathy is an issue, be sure the floor or mat is clean and wear socks if necessary.
• For the Standing Twist step your feet wider than hips width apart.