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How did therapeutic yoga become such a big part of my life?
This poem tells you the story.

Listen to the Hipbones
By Elizabeth Gibbs

my hipbones held me up
carried me forward through bubbling joy
carried me forward through secret rage - carried me forward to now
me, the lucky one, me, the plucky one - firstborn - compulsive - golden

my hipbones insulated me by rushing past skepticism
moving beyond obstacles, knocking down barriers
these bones guarded my heart, brushing right by careless slips of the tongue
these bones protected me from others, protected me from myself

now at midlife my hipbones rebel - joints lose juice
muscles freeze forward motion halts - pain is constant - bone rubs bone
sparks fly - doubt and confusion catch fire, their questions burn my soul
how do I live without moving on - where would I go if I could

my hipbones refuse a future of onwards - a future of upwards
they whisper - then speak - then shout
I still myself to listen and hear the answer
my next move forward will be within

Elizabeth GibbsElizabeth (Beth) Gibbs,
M. A., C-IAYT began practicing yoga in the 1970's and completed her yoga teacher training in 1997. She is certified at the professional yoga therapist's level through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is a member of the teaching faculty at the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy and directs the professional Yoga Therapist Practicum Program.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Hartford and a Master of Arts degree in Yoga Therapy and Mind/Body Health from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Her masters project is: "Menopause, Stress and Your Heart: A Yoga Program for Health and Healing."

Beth wrote and produced a yoga relaxation MP3 titled, "Release, Relax and Let Go." She is the author of "Ogi Bogi, The Elephant Yogi," a therapeutic yoga book for children and she developed the successful "Wake Up and Relax" yoga program to improve concentration and conflict management in children for Camp Courant www.campcourant.org a non-profit summer day camp that serves hundreds of children a day for six weeks each summer.